Google Play Downloading Pending Problem

February 13, 2020

Do you see the status of Download pending on your Android phone while downloading apps from the Google Play Store? Well, there could be several reasons behind this, including the change in the way Play Store handles downloads or maybe Play Store does not respond. Do not worry! Here we have a simple tutorial for all those users who face this error pending download from Google Play Store.

With Google updating Play Store to the latest version, users will no longer download multiple applications at the same time. That is why Play Store shows the pending download status because there may already be an application in the pending download queue.

If you want to solve the problem, simply delete the download queue. To do so, start Play Store and then swipe right from the left corner of the screen. In the list of options, tap My apps and games. Here you can see all the applications that are currently downloading on your device. Simply tap X (cross icon) that helps cancel the download in progress. This can be done for each and every application you want to remove from the download queue.

With the previous guide, you may have solved the download problem successfully. But in case the problem persists, you should clear the cache and Play Store data from your device. See the guide below:

 Start Settings and touch Applications.

 From the list of several applications, tap Play Store.

 Now you must touch Clear cache and Clear data. If your phone is in Marshmallow, try clearing the cache and storage data.

If none of the above tips worked for you, try a full reset (partial reset) that will restore your device to factory settings.

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