Google not working after ios 14 Update

November 17, 2020

How to fix Google not working after the IOS 14 update?

Are you facing issues in your Google account due to the IOS 14 update? If yes, then don’t worry as here you will receive the specified information on the same. IOS 14 is the latest version of the IOS in which users are facing critical issues. To resolve the Google account issue because of the IOS 14 update, you need to follow the below ways carefully.

  1. Restart the iPhone:Sometimes, the issues can be resolved by simply restarting your iPhone. The users should hold the side power button and the volume down button at-the-same-time till they see just an Apple logo on the screen to restart their iPhones. or can visit Google account not working on mac
  2. Free the Excess Storage:Many times, when the iPhone’s storage is about to complete, there can be problems. The user can drop this data on iCloud and release some space on their iPhone to try and fix the issue.
  3. Check your internet connection:It is necessary to have good internet connection in order to fix the issue.
  4. Charge your iPhone properly:Make sure your iPhone is charged properly otherwise you will face these types of issues again and again.
  5. Perform Factory Data reset:The last and concluding option for any user would be to perfectly erase all files and factory reset their iPhone. You can back up your iPhone before doing this and restore their iPhone with that back up after resetting it.

After going through the aforementioned ways, one can easily fix the Google Account not working in a very secure manner. If you still have any issue or want to ask something, you can contact the customer support team for better and assured assistance.

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