Google Chrome not working on Mac: How to Fix

November 7, 2019

What are the ways to fix Google Chrome not working issue?

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If Google Chrome is not working on your Mac device and you are wondering how to fix it then you are welcome here. Google Chrome may stop working suddenly due to technical or software issues. There are some ways to fix Google chrome not working on Mac issue as given below:

Turn off Mac

Follow the enlisted steps to turn off then restart Mac:

  • Hold power button until you see restart option on screen
  • After that tap the restart button and your device will switch off
  • Then it will restart automatically within few seconds
  • Try to open Google Chrome again once Mac has restarted properly

Delete Chrome browsing data

Follow the enlisted steps to delete Chrome browsing history:

  • Open Chrome settings then choose advanced option
  • Click privacy & security option under advanced settings
  • Then tap clear browsing data option and tick the boxes based on your preference
  • At last click clear data option

Remove Chrome extensions

  • Chrome many not work on Mac due to the reason that some extension is preventing it.
  • To fix it remove the extensions then try to reopen Chrome

Reinstall Chrome

  • Uninstall Chrome from Mac and then reinstall it again then see that it is working or not.

Hope you can successfully fix Google Chrome not working on Mac issue with the help of methods discussed above. You can also contact Google support for help.

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