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Gmail Attachment Failed! How To Fix?

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Gmail is known for its top-notch features and high users’ account safety. Additionally, it has set up certain criteria for each action being performed on it, like all attachment files in each email need to meet specific criteria before it gets sent to the recipient. However, you are facing a problem in attaching files in Gmail even after the attachment has not crossed the upper attachment limit, there might be other issues hitting your email. Read on to know more! 

How to Fix Gmail Attachments Issues?

Here is the suggestions list to fix Gmail attachment not working issues. 

  • Flash Plug-in Should be up-to-Date:- Flash is used by the default attachment uploader to attach files. If you have updated other services bereft of Flash plug-in, issues with Gmail in attaching files will appear up because your old version of Flash plug-in will fail to respond. Thus, make sure you have an updated Flash plug-in. 
  • Update your Web Browser or Shift to Another:- Have you updated your web browser? If no, check for the browser update and respond to it quickly. It is however does not respond positively to your Gmail account and thereby problem in attaching files in Gmail still occurs, switch to another browser. 

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