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December 28, 2019

Das Certification USA was established with an aim to provide Consulting and Certification for every client in the year 1998. We have grown to become one of the leading certification bodies in the world and we are accredited by UKAS – the highly respected IAF member Accreditation Body of UK. No matter which industry you belong to and what your company size is, Das Certifications USA has the right certifications for you as we have over 10,000 certifications to choose from.


We work for the best interest in clients in every stage and help setup an appropriate management system in the organization. Our value added certifications are recognized globally and will add a mark of reliability and quality to your brand. Added to this, Das Certifications USA also provided added auditing services such as supplier audits, contractual audits and gap or pre assessment audits.

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We provide companies with value-added certification of their management system which is world-wide recognized. We also provide auditing services.

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