Global World of Business – Starting your Own Construction or General Contracting Business A Beginners Guide

January 25, 2021

Starting your own contracting business is an important step in advancing your career.

Owning your own business has benefits that range from being your own boss to having the ability to take on any jobs you like, flexibly. Many companies prefer to hire out for contracting and construction versus hiring a full-time employee. These companies want someone who knows all the contractor tips and tricks without the burden of training and supplying prolonged benefits package.

The increased popularity of hiring contract-based workers is one of the reasons the entrepreneurial world has grown to approximately 400 million in size. If you have the skills and experience in construction, creating your own contracting business is a great choice to better your future.

Don’t be scared away by all the red tape of starting your own company. We have curated a beginner’s guide with contractor tips to creating your own business.

Settle on Your Available Services

When you tell someone you are a contractor, they will picture dozens of projects you may be able to do. If you want to be a general contractor who hires subcontractors to cover all bases, that’s great! However, if you have a specific set of services you want to offer, it is important to let potential clients know.

One of our first professional contractor tips is to be completely settled on the services you are going to offer before making your business plan. This decision will completely alter your licensing, financial, and supply needs.

Here are a few areas you might specialize in:

Electrical Work

Electricians are highly sought after in the contracting world. Likely because virtually every construction project needs an electrician. Some contractors opt to offer exclusively electrical work, but the service also pairs well with others like construction and heating.

contractor tips

Carpentry/ Construction

Carpenters and Construction workers are the backbone of the contracting world. In fact, many general contractors get their start in carpentry because the skills transpose so seamlessly to other service areas.


Plumbing work often gets split into two separate areas – residential and commercial plumbing services. Residential plumbing is an important service and many contractors have built successful businesses by exclusively offering this type of service. However, commercial plumbing is a skill many general contractors like to offer because it helps open doors to huge projects.

HVAC Duct Work

Heating and air conditioning contractors are always in demand because their services are used in most, if not all, modern constructions. HVAC contractors often work in tandem with electricians, which is something to keep in mind if you plan to become a general contractor.

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