Global N-propylBenz Market 2024 – Drivers & Challenges

May 28, 2020

N-propylbenzene is an alkylbenzene or a benzene with one of its hydrogens replaced by a propyl group. It is a colorless or light-yellow liquid, which is denser than water. It is usually insoluble in water. It is toxic in nature, if inhaled or consumed. Its boiling point is 86°F and it is highly flammable. There exist different methods of manufacturing N-propylbenzene. These include the reaction of diethyl sulfate with benzyl magnesium chloride, alkylation of N-propyl chloride with benzene by the inclusion of aluminum chloride, fractional distillation of petroleum reformate, and the reaction of diethyl sulfate with benzyl magnesium chloride. N-propyl benzene is manufactured either using the analytic laboratory method or the OSHA chemical sampling.

The global market for n-propylbenzene has been segmented on the basis of end-uses and geographies. On the basis of end-uses, the global market for n-propylbenzene can be segregated into industry use and consumer use. The industry use segment is sub-segmented into fuels &fuel additives, intermediates, and solvents. Consumer uses include fuels and related products. The industry use segment held a major market share in 2015 and is anticipated to witness steady growth during the forecast period. The solvents sub-segment is estimated to experience speedy growth during the forecast period, owing to high usage of solvents in the extraction of chemicals and metals. The consumer use segment is likely to witness speedy growth during the forecast period, due to increase in the usage of fuels for various consumer purposes.

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Major drivers for growth of the global market for N-propylbenzene include growth in the automobile industry, which, in turn, raises the demand for fuel. In addition, increased demand for solvents in various industries such as automobiles, chemicals, and welding is further fueling the market. The toxic nature of N-propylbenzene is a major factor that hampers the market growth in the consumer use segment. Highly inflammable nature of N-propylbenzene is another major hindrance for the market growth, as several industrial applications involve high usage of power and fire.

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Major players operating inthe global N-propylbenzene market includeSinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China), P. K. Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. (Baruch, India), J&K Scientific Ltd. (Beijing, China), Meryer (Shanghai) Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China), Waterstone Technology (Indiana, the U.S.), BASF SE (Ludwigshafen, Germany), M.P. Biomedicals, Inc. (California, the U.S.), Beta Pharma Inc. (Connecticut, the U.S.), Varian Inc. (California, the U.S.), Chem Service Inc. (Pennsylvania, the U.S.), Narchem Corporation (Illinois, the U.S.), SKC Inc. (Pennsylvania, the U.S.), and Acros Organics U.S. (New Jersey, the U.S.).

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