Global Automotive Exhaust Gas Turbochargers Market

February 14, 2020

Global Automotive Exhaust Gas Turbochargers Market wasvalued at US$ XX Mn 2019 and is expected to reach US$ XX Mn by 2027, at a CAGRof XX% during a forecast period.


Global Automotive Exhaust Gas Turbochargers Market

Global Automotive Exhaust Gas Turbochargers Market


The exhaust turbocharger compresses the air supplied to theengine. Compared with naturally aspirated engines, cylinder filling is muchbetter. Engine performance is increased whilst at the same time consumption isreduced and emission values are improved.


Major driving factors of the automotive Exhaust GasTurbochargers market are the benefits of the turbocharged diesel engine(cost-effectiveness and high torque, for example), which had been appreciatedfor many years by drivers of commercial vehicles, have been winning over moreand more passenger vehicles purchasers. Modern diesel engines are offering lowconsumption and emissions combined with high performance and driving pleasure.Reductions in CO2 emissions for all drive ideas, turbocharging is additionallytaking over increasing significance wherever gas engines square measureinvolved. Higher cost and excess exhaust gas temperatures will act restraintsto the market.


Based on the Vehicle type, Passenger Vehicle is expected tohold the largest share in the market during the forecast period. Passengervehicle are in full swing demand across the globe due to the changes in tradepolicy have impacted major growth in passenger vehicle productions in Asiapacific region. Changing consumer preferences have also impacted on passengervehicle growth via positively. Government are also providing betterinfrastructure system and better safety features by key players in globalmarket impacting via increases in sales and manufacturing’s. German premiummanufacturers are developing more strongly than the world market. According tomaximize market research estimates, the worldwide sales of Audi, BMW, Mercedesand Porsche will increase by great margin.


In Trends – Generator as a part of a Turbocharger


Small size of the electric motor in the turbocharger, such acompact electric turbocharger is suitable for various thermal engines andarrangements with it. And it makes it possible not to introduce significantchanges in the design of existing power plants, and at each mode of operationof the internal combustion engine, to provide it with the necessary airflow andpressure boost, which increases the efficiency of the system in general. Theuse of an electric turbocharger can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% due tolower mechanical and hydraulic losses compared to power turbines.



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