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November 25, 2020

 Custom Sleeve Boxes

Without an attractive packaging, products look incomplete. Boxes play vital role in success of any product. Businessman is well aware of how presentation of product is important so they always look for innovative designs to attract the audience. Different styles of packaging are used for different markets. Sleeve boxes are a gift of modern machinery Sleeve Boxes are one of best, effective and impact packaging that can endorse the product uniquely. The handy opening at both ends made them perfect for all sorts of products especially cosmetics, apparel and electronics. The unique and convenient style of sleeve boxes adds charm to products. The demand for Custom Sleeve Boxes is profoundly increasing over the years as these boxes are stylish, durable and light on pocket.

Why use custom sleeve boxes

Custom Sleeve Boxes are a trendy way to promote your product and earn recognition in market. Custom sleeve boxes can be customized in any way you want. Materials selection depends on your product fragility. Cardboard, Kraft and corrugated stock are mostly used. Cardboard is commonly used due to its ability to be molded into any style. The printing on cardboard sleeve boxes look more classy and elegant. Kraft sleeve boxes are eco-friendly and cost effective. Corrugated sleeve boxes are used for very fragile items and long distance shipments. These boxes are very rigid and can withstand high pressures. Sleeve Boxes provide protection to product due to their durable nature. You can print your logo and information on sleeves boxes to help customers remember and recognize your brand. You can add as many sleeves in your box as you want. Windows can be added either on top or side to invite customers to see the packed product. You can further make your sleeves boxes tempting by using different shapes, styles, printing and coatings.

Product protection

Keeping the product safe during storage and transportation is the biggest concern of product manufacturers.  Products are prone to damaged in transit. Damage can be caused by environmental issues, pollution or mishandling. Sleeve Boxes are highly effective in protecting the packed products as they encase the product to make it smash free. Lamination of Custom Sleeve Boxes make them moisture resistant which protects the product from spillage, and moisture damage.

Wholesale sleeve boxes

If you are in search of personalized sleeve box, then your search ends here. Our sleeve boxes add value to your business and are our one of most sold packaging style. We make Custom Sleeve Boxes at exceptionally affordable price. We emboss logo on requests to give the box unique appeal. Our exceptionally talented staff helps you in choosing the best box for your product and designs the box without any service charges. Let your creative abilities come out and we will convert your dreams into tangible sleeves box. So don’t wait and order custom Sleeve Boxes to get them delivered at given address in minimum possible time frame without any delivery cost.


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