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Sales manager : Leonia || 24/7 Fast Service

RFQ E-mail :

Skype/Mobile : +86-18030175807

Whatsapp/WeChat : +86-18030175807

QQ: 2851195482


➪➪➪➪➪You will have a dedicated account manager to assist you with your order.

GE ● IS200TPIMG1A ● Country of origin USA

The price preferential || New original packaging

Warranty: All new or repaired parts have a 12-month warranty

Payment: 100% T/T for stock items before shipping

Worldwide shipping: DHL, UPS, Fedex, and TNT

Delivery: In stock,order now for immediate delivery


Quality ● Good Price ● Advantage

It will be a right choice to cooperate with us.

GE-Fanuc , Siemens Moore , Bachmann , Foxboro , Woodward , Epro , Ovation , Kuka , Yokogawa , Prosoft , Schneider, Hima , MKS , Keba , Omron , Yaskawa .

Allen-Bradley ( 1746-IB32, 1747-L533, 1756-L61, 1769-OF4, 1785-L40B )

Bently Nevada ( 3500/94, 3500/53, 3500/22M, 3500/42M, 330180-90-00 )

Honeywell ( TK-PRS021, CC-TCNT01, 8C-PAIH51, 51309355-001, 10006/2/1 )

ABB ( 07KT97,AI835, CI854AK01, DSQC639, DO810, PM861AK01, SNAT603 )

Triconex ( 3625, 3503E, 3008, TCM 4353, 4351B, 4409)

ICS Triplex ( T8310, T8431, T8461, T8451, T8110B, T8403, T3481)

➪➪➪➪➪We still have a large inventory of GE series spare parts, including DISCONTINUED parts.

IC200 series IC693 series IC694 series IC695 series | IC697 series |  IC698 series IC754 series | Relay module Gas engine card

GE IC200ALG264 DS3800DMPK1E1D IC693PBM200 GE
GE IC200ALG322 DS3800HCMC1A1B IC695ACC402 GE
GE IC200ALG620 DS3800HIOA1C1E IC693PCM301 GE
GE IC200ALG630 DS3800NSFE1E1B IC693PWR321 GE
GE IC200CHS002 DS3800HMPJ1A1D IC694MDL754 GE
GE IC200CHS022 DS3800NDAC1D1E IC694APU300 GE
GE IC200CPU002 DS3820LT4A1C1A IC694BEM331 GE
GE IC200CPUE05 DS3810MMB1A1A    IC694MDL660 GE
GE IC200GBI001 DS3820LT4A.1C1A IC694MDL740 GE
GE IC200MDD843 DS3800NPSE1E1G IC694MDL753 GE

Triconex TRICON 4210 Woodward 9907-028 ABB CMA120 3DDE300400
Triconex TRICON 4119A Woodward 9907-838 ABB CMA126
Triconex TRICON 4409 Woodward 5466-258 ABB CMA131
Triconex TRICON 8310 Woodward 5466-316 ABB CMA132 3DDE300412
Triconex 3636T Woodward 5466-1000 ABB COMMANDER 100
Triconex 3704E Woodward EASYGEN-3200-5 8440-1923 ABB CP502
Triconex 4000103-510 Woodward 8237-1104 ABB CP502 1SBP260190R1001-A
Triconex 9674-810 Woodward UMT145B A3LR20523 ABB CP800
Triconex 9853-610 Woodward UMT1 UMT145B/NSU LR21131 ABB CPU86-NDP
Triconex EMPII 3006 Woodward 5437-092 ABB CS300E PAC 031-1053-00
Triconex 9760-210 Woodward 5437-672 ABB CS31 FPR3315101R1032
Triconex 4000094-310 Woodward 5437-687 ABB CS31 ICDT08B5 GJR5251600R0101
Triconex 4000094-320 Woodward 5441-419 ABB CS513 3BSE000435R1
Triconex 4000093-320 Woodward 5441-673 ABB D0910S
Triconex 4000093-310 Woodward 5464-331 ABB D1801 3BSE020508R1
Triconex 4000098-510 Woodward 5464-643 ABB DAI04
Triconex 3351 Woodward 5501-466 ABB DAI05
Triconex 3805EN Woodward 9907-076 ABB DAPU100 3ASC25H204
Triconex HCU3700/3703E Woodward 9907-077 ABB DASA110 3ASC25H7057
Triconex 3510 WOODWARD 8200-226 ABB DATX100 3ASC25H208
Triconex 3806E Woodward 62223-5500-159-D, 3074-739 ABB DATX110 3ASC25H209
Triconex 7400208C-020 Woodward 8100D14001  520P514-01 ABB DATX130 3ASC25H214
Triconex 3625A Woodward 5500159D ABB DATX131 3ASC25H215
Triconex 3401 WOODWARD 9907-166 ABB DC523 1SAP240500R0001

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