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February 13, 2020

How VAT Works on Physical Items

VAT is also known as JCT in Japan; GST in New Zealand and Australia; and QST in Quebec (Canada).

VAT may be charged to buyers on their purchases (“VAT on Items Sold on Etsy”) as well as to eligible sellers on their paid seller fees (“VAT on seller fees”).

Learn how VAT works on digital items.

This article contains general information. You should always contact your local tax authority or tax advisor for more information.

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Am I required to charge VAT on my physical items?

Selling to Australian buyers from overseas

Selling to German buyers from outside of the EU

Selling to UK buyers from overseas

UK Sellers: Making Tax Digital rules

Am I required to charge VAT on my digital items?

What should a seller invoice to a buyer look like?

Is VAT collected on seller fees?

Am I required to have a VAT ID?

How will Etsy use my VAT ID?

Will I receive an invoice from Etsy for VAT on seller fees?n, South Africa, Russia, and Switzerland

Am I required to charge VAT on my physical items?

For information on VAT requirements in your location, please consult your local tax authority or a licensed professional.

For EU countries, the applicable VAT rate depends on two things:

the nature of what is for sale and

Learn more about how information about applicable tax is displayed to buyers on Etsy.

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The package is being shipped to a buyer in Australia.

Selling to German buyers from outside of the EU

As of April 15, 2019, some non-EU Etsy sellers may need to provide their German USt 1 TI VAT certificate to Etsy. If you store your goods in Germany and are based outside the EU, then you are required to be VAT registered in Germany. If you are an Etsy seller who meets this criteria, you must send your VAT certificate to vat-certificate@etsy.com.

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Etsy can’t provide tax advice. We recommend that you speak to a tax advisor with experience in UK VAT or reach out to HMRC directly for more info

Learn more about how VAT works for digital items.

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