Free Scored Section-wise PTE Practice Test with PTE Mock Test Packages

September 18, 2020

79Score provides the Free Scored PTE practice test With PTE mock test packages. It provides the services to give the students PTE Practice tests and PTE mock tests to enhance your confidence. 79Score provides 5 PTE mock tests and 20 section-wise Free Scored PTE practice tests at a very limited price as compared to others.

Solve the entire test like you would solve a PTE-A test. Following this, AI Suggestions for improvement, and grade you as per the benchmarks of Pearson. With the help of the PTE Practice test and your  PTE mock test score, you get a fair idea about your PTE test preparation standard.

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If you want to feel like a real PTE exam then try which provides a free PTE scored mock test with instant results with AI suggestions to improve your weak areas.

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