Football – An International Sport With A Global Audience

February 21, 2021

Association football, more generally called football or simply football, is a team sport generally played between two competing teams of eleven players. It is widely played throughout the world by about 250 million players in more than 200 countries and dependencies. The game is based on a simple principle of “fairness.” If a player makes a physical contact with an opponent, even if it is only a very slight one, it is said to be illegal.


A football match is played with three different halves, each of which is referred to as a half of a round. The referee always starts the soccer ball at the centre of the foul line, in front of the referee. The playing time clock usually runs on the maximum of 90 minutes per half. In games played outside Europe, such as the USA, the overtime rule is used in certain games.


To see football played in its simplest form, note that the two teams play against each other on a field with ten yards (nine meters) of neutral ground that is played in uniform across the field with fifteen yards (eleven meters) of side-wall football matting. The goal is scored through a kick made by the forward, usually from the right side of the field. The ball itself goes through a netting or ‘concrete box’ that is situated below the surface of the pitch and that is surrounded by a colourful artificial turf. Goalkeepers are also present on the pitch, usually dressed in white, to help them keep out flying objects and to provide support to the defence.

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As you can see, football is a very interesting game, but the history of the game can also be fascinating. England won the first international tournament for football in the year 18 92 and went on to become the first world power to win a championship match. Other major football associations have since joined in, and there are now football tournaments all over the world. England, along with many other nations, are now part of the European footballing association, known as the FIFA (Federation of International Football Associations).


World Cup The World Cup is another thing that people may not know about football, but it’s actually one of the biggest international competitions in the world. The tournament takes place every four years and is usually held in Africa, Asia, and Europe. The teams that compete include every imaginable international team, and are favorites to win the championship every time. This has led to a number of changes in the way that the tournament is organized now, and there are new teams that join each four years to try and do this.


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