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February 11, 2020

3 Ways to increase Your Food Business to Succeed

Extended Operations:

The food business is highly-competitive with sometimes razor thin margins. Your board or CEO is challenging you to extend efficiency and reduce cost. you would like to consider simple ways to enhance output and scale your production. Extended Operations, also referred to as “Less than Daily Sanitation Procedures” might be right for your business. It is sensible that when your equipment is about up and running product, why not run it as long as possible without increasing risk. We help clients navigate this alteration by assessing risk, collecting and analyzing meaningful data, verifying maintenance and performance of your SSOPs. We take this information and liaise with the govt to form sure you get the approval to travel to Extended Operations.


Extended People:

No, not “overextended” people. I wont to work for an incredibly successful CEO whose mantra was, “take care of excellent people.” Extended People means putting people during a position to succeed, giving them the tools to succeed, then educating and empowering your personnel to try to to the simplest of their ability. It’s been said that companies thrive when decisions are made at rock bottom possible level. Building trust throughout a corporation is important so as to realize that degree of empowerment. you would like to understand that you simply could also be within the food business, but you’re really within the labor business. Whether you serve consumers or foodservice customers, they need outsourced the labor of raising, harvesting, packing, processing and delivery to your company. what percentage of your quality or food safety complaints, withdrawals, or recalls could are prevented on the assembly floor? what proportion did these slip ups cost you last year? Get out of the vicious circle of turnover, and allow us to assist you get into the virtuous cycle of trained, engaged, empowered, and stable workforce.

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