Finding Suitable Food Distribution Companies in Dubai

April 2, 2020

Looking for suitable food distribution companies in Dubai? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely have some core criteria in place for short listing key players in this category. There are numerous food distribution companies engaged in spreading food products throughout Dubai and other parts of the UAE (United Arab Emirates). How do you then make the right choice when it comes to food distributors? The answer basically depends on a few fundamental parameters as stated earlier.

Firstly, you have to go by the market reputation. When it comes to food distribution companies in Dubai, you should look for those entities which already have a vast and wide network of retail outlets and brands to place their products in. That will automatically give you more leverage for your product/brand which you are considering distribution for. Look for a widespread network with solid relationships built over a long period of time along with industry tie-ups and partnerships with multiple sectoral stakeholders as well.

You should also look for proper facilities related to storage, warehousing and logistics. This is core infrastructure that should be in place for food distribution companies operating in the Emirate. This infrastructure should be in place and should adhere to all industry guidelines with regard to health, safety and quality. This is the foremost and most crucial part of choosing the right food distribution partner. The facilities that the company has should be top-notch with proper operational systems and software in place along with the right storage and logistics provisions.

The whole distribution model has to be seamless enough for you to invest in margins that you share with the distribution player in question. Food distributors should ideally have their own licensed facilities along with strategic tie-ups with industry players including those in the logistics space. These are criteria that you must consider while choosing the right distribution partner for your product/brand. Also look at the overall reputation of the company, i.e. whether it has been operating for a sufficient time period and whether it is known for delivering on its promises and overall client satisfaction. Here’s to a favorable journey ahead in Dubai with your food products.

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