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January 23, 2020

You would have often heard of the terms “Kacchi Biryani” and “Pakki Biryani” during conversations with foodies and you must be wondering what they are. Is Kacchi Biryani actually raw and uncooked? Well, do not worry because that isn’t the case. So, before you place your chicken biryani online order to find out the facts, its time to dispel all such myths and showcase the difference between Kacchi and pakki Biryani:

Kacchi Biryani:

If you are worried that Kacchi Biryani will be uncooked, that isn’t actually going to happen. It merely means that all the elements that are put in the cooking pot are raw and are cooked together. Due to this style of cooking, all the flavors and tastes of the ingredients come together, resulting in a wonderful potpourri of meat, rice and spices. In this process, all the ingredients are put in layers and sealed with dough. It is then cooked over slow fire in its own steam, thus making the meat juicy and succulent while the rice becomes soft and fluffy, with the flavorful spices contributing to making its taste quite unique.

The chef ensures that the handi isn’t opened till it is time to serve it which retains the flavors and the taste of the biryani. While preparing for the kacchi biryani, the meat is marinated overnight using curd and Indian spices. Sometimes, a layer of potatoes is also added with rice and meat. The world-famous Hyderabadi biryani is cooked using both these methods, depending on the availability of time, while the Kolkata Biryani strictly follows the Kacchi biryani method.

Pakki Biryani:

The Pakki biryani is often considered to be the “easy” method of cooking although there is a lot of effort that goes into creating this delicacy. As opposed to the Kacchi Biryani, here all the ingredients, mainly rice and meat, are first cooked separately and then put in layers in the handi to further cook it with steam. The handi is covered and the flames are extinguished mid-way in order to create steam, At times, coal embers are also place on the lid to help the biryani to cook evenly.

The meat needed for pakki biryani does not need margination overnight as a few hours can suffice. The semi-cooked rice is further cooked alongside the meat, potatoes and spices to infuse all the different flavors together.

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