Eyelid Surgery Cost in Gurgaon

February 15, 2020

In modern day and age, people are not able to get enough rest and sleep which leads to premature signs of aging. Also, blue light from mobile screens, as well as lack of sleep, can lead to dark circles, under-eye bags, and crow’s feet. Blepharoplasty surgery can help to get rid of the loose skin around the eyelashes which cover the natural folds of the upper eyelids. Visit SB Aesthetics to get an apt blepharoplasty from the best eyelid cosmetic surgery performed in Gurgaon by Dr. Shilpi Bhadani and her team. She is a reputed expert in performing cosmetic as well as plastic surgery and has years of experience in the respective field. The eyelid surgery cost in Gurgaon depends upon the age, gender and skin laxity of the patients, techniques adopted for the surgery, whether the surgery is in combination with other procedures, etc. Thus the cost varies from person to person. For an apt eyelid cosmetic surgery in Gurgaon, visit SB Aesthetics only!

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