Explore the Different Types of the Cylindrical Roller Bearing

May 14, 2020

In the series of bearings, cylindrical roller bearings have a huge capability to withstand heavy radial loads. Just like other bearings, it is named as the cylindrical roller based on its rolling element. In this bearing type, the rolling elements of the bearing are available in the shape of the cylindrical rollers. It is available in different types and specifications such as NNCF, N, NNCL, NNU, NF, NH, NJ, and NCF Bearings. Every type of bearings has its own benefits, and therefore you need to select the right bearing as per your design and application. Always purchase the high-quality NNCL Bearings from the reputable manufacturer at an affordable price.

Basics of cylindrical roller bearing

The major difference between cylindrical roller bearings such as NNCF Bearings and other bearing styles/variations is in the name. It actually accesses the cylinders as the rolling element contrary to the balls, which you find in the ball bearings. Usually, the cylinders are slightly greater in length when compared to diameter. Cylindrical rollers have a huge radial load capacity comparing to the ball bearings. The design of this bearing lets these parts to accept faster speed than other kinds of roller bearings. As said before, it is accessible in multiple types, such as a single row, double row, and multi-row cylindrical rollers. Similar to other styles, it has different lubrication and clearance options, which are available based on the supplier and manufacturer.

Uses of the cylindrical roller bearing

The greater combination of the greater radial load capacity offers the ability to accept faster speed, and various other benefits. This bearing is ideal for use in various industries and used for different applications. Below mentioned are the major markets in which you can access these parts.

– Pumps

– Oil and gas

– Steel mills

– Machine tool

– Electric motors

– Wind turbines

– Material handling

Cylindrical roller bearing options are ideal for machine tools, cement pulverizers, compressors, and many other applications. It needs the static radial and large dynamic load capacity at high speed. It is commonly found in wheel bearings, fans, roller blades, and under-hood applications on the cars. Ensure you make a bearing purchase from the reputable and licensed bearing manufacturer. It is because they render the highest quality bearings within the affordable price to use as the best design part of your applications.

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