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September 9, 2020

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The B-Gene

College Freshmen Caleb Prescott attends a HBCU on the outskirts of Washington, DC. Within hours of his arrival, every historic black University in America falls under attack, in the shadows of what national television coverage describes as “storms.” Alongside a few of his hometown friends, Caleb walks the line to investigate the true origin of encroaching destruction, and comes across a chilling discovery in the process. They unearth a project titled The Melanin Experiment, a piece of legislation designed to place one million African-American citizens into an unknown lottery. While the nation protest, Caleb is stuck, cut off from communication, with critical intel about the “storms.” As he slowly uncovers the truth he finds himself at the center of a governmental investigation that he didn’t see coming.

Why Boys are Afraid of the Dark

In 1994, an unbreakable bond is forged between five young boys who discover a dark presence lurking in the heart of their small town. When the town is transformed and the adults fall into zombie-like trances, it’s up to Prince Allen and his gang of friends to save themselves when some of their own begin to vanish without a trace. But as the group investigates closer, it becomes apparent that they were never alone. The rebellious preteens soon find themselves on the run. Time is running out and with only hours left, the gang must solve the mystery before they are all hunted down like prey.

Volonians: Mysteries of the Vondercrat

Volonia, a magical planet, is home to millions of beautiful, charismatic expressive Witches and Warlocks. Their magic is mighty, their spells are rich in tradition and their rituals stand the test of time. The House of Lords, the governing body, is in a frenzy as one of it’s citizens, Varah Cutter, a rebellious, crafty Witch, has single handily conjured a book only they can summon. The VONDERCRAT is the most powerful book in all of Volonia. How she did it remains a mystery. Varah soon realizes The Lords aren’t the only entity after her, but an evil brigade lead by the mighty Menace who seeks to capture her. Varah’s fate stands in ruins as she literally fights to protect her children, her honor and her truth.

Volonians 2 The Awakening of the Au Vyndure

the second part in the Volonian series. The story continues as courageous twins Broc and Shenzara Cutter find themselves at the decision of a lifetime. Terrified and misguided, the twins will be given only 72 hours by the mighty Vondercrat to accept Guardianship

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