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January 7, 2021

zillow clone


By the year 2020, the global market had been conquered by the trend of real estate software. While looking for a home or a place nowadays, customers are looking for digital convenience over the traditional offline methods. According to a Digital Age Report 2019, it is revealed that 44% of home buyers are starting their search online. 

Here is the percentage of people who find the house online: 98% of them are older millennials, 89% of them are boomers, and 68% of them are youngsters.

It will make perfect sense if you consider the millennials since they make up a significant part of the U.S., and adjust your application to their requirements. Assuming that you are here, reading this blog to create a real estate clone app, I suggest you go for the Zillow Clone. So, let’s get into the subject straight.

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