eBSEG Digital Messaging Omnichannel Platform

October 28, 2020

Have you used the latest digital channels to send marketing messages and keep in contact with your customers?

Either your business is a bank or insurance, make your customers interact directly with your marketing messages about your latest products, services, news, and more.

eBSEG Digital Messaging Platform enables you to use digital channels like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, emails, SMS, voice messages, push notifications, and faxes.

Start now and Enhance your Business Marketing Strategy.

For more info: https://ebseg.com/Digital-Messaging-Platform.html

ebseg digital messaging platform

eBSEG digital messaging platform

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eBSEG Introducing CEEP, Customer Experience & Engagement OmniChannel Portal Platform for Banking, Insurance, Wealth Management Company or any other Financial Service Industry.

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