Eat, Drink and Be Merry Without Packing on the Pounds

February 15, 2020

Christmas is a festive time and a good chance  Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Review   to let your hair down and catch up with family and friends. But it can also seriously set you back with any positive changes you’ve made throughout the year to living a healthier lifestyle. Here are some easy tips to help you get through this tempting holiday season:


All throughout the year, you may have been really good with eating consciously. Try to do the same during Christmas! Eat a good breakfast and lunch even if you know you’ll be going to a party in the evening. Going to a party on an empty stomach can lead to eating too much, too fast.

When you’re standing in front of the buffet table, remember that you have a lot of options. Grab a smaller plate if there are any available. Your mind will think that it’s a full plate regardless of the size. Check out all the food being offered before you start filling up your plate. Select the ones that you particularly like and get a little of each to be sure of a balanced meal.

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