Dua to get married to a specific person

October 15, 2020

Some people are lucky enough to find out the perfect life partner for them. Living together with them can be a wonderful idea. Specially, when you both are a perfect match for each other, you should get married to that person. You can take help of the Dua to get married to a specific person as well.

Life does not give you a second chance every time. So, if you have found the love of your life, then try every effort to convince your parents for marriage. Sometimes, your or your loved one’s parents do not agree with this constitution. As there are societal pressures or financial obligations at times.

Dua to Get Married to a Specific Person

So, to successfully fight against these situations, you need to have lots of strength & patience. Well, in that case, islamic Dua to get married to a specific person can prove really helpful. You just need to believe in Islam & islamic duas. And, you will see situations changing for the better in your life. However, your intentions should be true in every sense. As these duas have been created to establish peace in the world and not chaos or unhappiness.

So, how to perform the Dua to get married to a specific person?

  • Take a long & warm shower at first. Clean yourself thoroughly. Note that there is no moisture when you will be sitting to recite dua.
  • If you are a woman, then note that you have not worn any jewellery. Any kind of jewellery should be removed before you recite these pure duas.
  • Then, recite as I quote, “guallah wa alaika astaf alaam zubina walaahi nawaab shaadikum bin tarah sumah makhadum saleh islah omah tarak”.
  • Repeat the above mantra for at least 300 times.
  • If you are on your menstrual days, then perform this dua once they are over. Do not perform these duas during those stressful days.
  • Repeat this exercise for a month.

In sha Allah, all your prayers will definitely come true. You can also have a good talk with our Molvi saab ji. He is experienced in this field from past many years. He will personally listen to your issues and suggest you some good solutions according to problems. You can reach out to us through the WhatsApp icon shown on our website. Elsewise, you can also send us an email mentioning your problem in detail.

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