Dua Or Wazifa For Love Back

October 15, 2020

Love is a wonderful feeling. We all fall in love genuinely once in a lifetime. But, sometimes, due to bad luck, we tend to lose our true love somehow. Which later on breaks us from within. However, wazifa for love can help tackle such situations in your life.

Sometimes, the person you love leaves you alone unexpectedly without telling a reason. There can be conflicts & struggles between both of you. Or at times, a third person also gets involved in your relationship.

Islamic Nuskhe Powerful Islamic Wazifa for Love Back

However, Islam has remedies for every life problem. The powerful wazifa for love can make miracles happen. What if I tell you that you can bring back your love in life again? Yes, that’s possible if you recite this wazifa for love with your whole and soul. All that is needed to make this wazifa work for you is a genuine heart, faith in Allah, and consistency. You should recite this wazifa regularly so as to see your life changing in the meantime.

So, how to perform this powerful wazifa for love?

Before you start, make a strong commitment to yourself. The commitment is about reciting this wazifa regularly. Start reciting this wazifa from thursday so as to see its life-changing outcomes.

  • To begin with, recite the Durood e Ibrahimi 7 martaba.
  • Now, recite the Surah Yaseen until the 12th verse and then stop.
  • It’s time to recite Surah Yaseen for one more time from the start and up to the third Mubeen.
  • On a white colored paper, write down the name of your lover that you want to bring back in your life.
  • Now remind the great Allah Tallah, recite this wazifa for 435 times “dalalimmubeen waquranummubeen aaduwwummubeen”
  • Take that written piece of paper and put it underneath your pillow before sleeping. Sleep like this for a month.
  • You will be required to practice this for at least three weeks.

A tip to remember: menstruating women should recite this wazifa for love once their periods are over.

It is crucial that you recite this dua with the intention of getting married with your love of life. Your thoughts & desires should be right in every sense. You should not pray for anything bad or wrong for your loved one. As sometimes, when we are a lot disturbed, we unknowingly say bad words for our loved person.

If your partner is not able to express his/her feelings towards you, then pray to Allah to give him courage to admit his true feelings. He/she will surely open up to you in the meantime. Just have enough patience and faith in Allah. Things will start working out for you shortly.

If you face any problem in reciting this wazifa, then you can have a good talk with our Molvi Saab ji. Thousands of people have consulted our Molvi ji and successfully gotten the solution for their issues. So, you can get your issues resolved.

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