Dua for husband to leave the other woman

October 15, 2020

Many a time, everything does not work as per your wish in the marriage. Your partner may sometimes fall out of love with you. And, start meeting some other woman. Extramarital affairs are not uncommon in our society. To tackle such situations, Dua for husband to leave the other woman can work well for you.

Have you experienced these days that your husband is not spending quality time with you? You may have caught him talking to another woman. Or you may have caught him with another woman. It’s so wrong when your husband gets into another relationship when he is already married. Islam deny such behaviour.

However, you should not feel pity on yourself. Or think as if there is any flaw in yourself. It’s your husband who is at fault. So, instead of crying, take the help of Islamic Dua for husband to leave the other woman. Recite it religiously and continuously. You will indeed see some good changes in your husband’s behaviour.

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Maybe he will start realizing things. Also, that other woman may also realize that she is ruining your happy marriage. Or her such kind of behaviour is not good for your children too. And their extra-marital relationship will come to an end eventually. This is the power of Dua for husband to leave the other woman. It works like magic.

Soon, your husband will start finding interest in you. And he will start talking with you like he used to previously.

So, how to perform this dua every day?

  • First of everything, make sure that you are freshened up.
  • Now, you have to sit like you sit every day at the time of reciting namaaz.
  • Now, recite Al Baqarah for 7 times.
  • Thereafter, chant this mantra for 564 times.
  • The mantra is as stated further, “Allah Bismillah Surah Quman Torah Zimali Somali fitur.”
  • Lastly, start reciting ‘Ya wadoodo’ for 432 times.
  • Make sure that you perform this dua religiously for at least 31 days.

You will start working it day by day. Consistency always brings out good results. So, do not lose faith & continue walking on this path. Allah Tallah is with you. If you face any problem or have doubts to ask, then feel free to have a word with our Molvi saab ji. He is an expert in solving such issues. Thousands of people have benefitted from it.

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