Dry fruits export from india

October 10, 2020

Cashew nuts export in India is essentially organic fruits whose water content has been eliminated totally either normally or by measures like sun drying or concentrated dehydrators or dryers. Nuts can be eaten in different structures and are known to be forced to be reckoned with supplements. Dry organic fruits export out from India incorporates the export of dates, raisins, almonds, cashew, apricot, et cetera. Pisum Foods is outstanding amongst other dry organic fruits merchants from India. We take a shot at the export of Dry fruits export from India to numerous nations on the planet.

We at Pisum Foods hold a broad involvement with the export of Indian dry fruits. As one of the main Cashew nuts export from India, we ensure that our customers face no issues from documentation to the last conveyance of the items. By directing a top to bottom investigation of the worldwide market, we keep our customers very much educated about the most recent turns of events and how it might influence their dry organic fruits exports out. Pisum is one of the most solid dry fruits exporters and furthermore causes you to discover purchasers for your items universally. On the off chance that you are searching for Dry fruits export from India, Pisum Foods is here to help you at each progression!

We are very notable for quintessential Dry Fruit and cashew nuts export. We are prevailing among Dry fruits export from India. A tasty scope of Dry Fruits exists with us. Our Dry Fruit and Nuts are totally common and unadulterated and a rich wellspring of sustenance too. We guarantee that nuts are handled and stuffed, keeping flawless their taste and newness till they arrive at the shopper. We export hygienically processed Dry Fruits:

1. Almond – बादाम

2. Anise , Fennel- सौंफ़

3. Apricot- खुबानी

4. Arrowroot- अरारोट

5. Betel-nut- सुपारी

6. Cantaloupe Seeds- ख़रबूज़ के बीज

7. Cashew nut- काजू

8. Chestnut- शाहबलूत

9. Coconut- नारियल

10. Cudpahnut – चिरोंजी

11. Currant, Raisin – किशमिश

12. Dates- खजूर

13. Dates Dried- छुहारा

14. Fig- अंजीर

15. Flax seeds- अलसी का बीज

16. Groundnuts, Peanuts- मूंगफली, मूंगफली

17. Lotus Seeds Pop, Gorgon Nut Puffed Kernel- मखाना

18. Nut, Walnuts- अखरोट

19. Peanuts, Groundnuts- मूंगफली

20. Pine Nut- चिलगोज़ा

21. Pistachio- पिस्ता

22. Prunes- मनुक्का

23. Pumpkin Seeds- कद्दू के बीज

24. Saffron – केसर

25. Sesame Seeds- तिल के बीज

26. Sugar candy- मिस्री

27. Watermelon Seeds- तरबूज के बीज

Dry fruits and Cashew Nuts resemble minuscule gems in the bin of organic fruits. Other than being an ideal present for your darlings on promising events, dry fruits of the soil can be an incredible substitute for desserts and shoddy nourishment.

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