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December 5, 2019

Dragon Home version 15 is a solution for home use voice recognition. Designed using Nuance Deep Learning software, Dragon easily converts words into 3x text faster than typing with accuracy of recognition of up to 99 percent. Dictate assignments for homework, send an email, browse the web and more— by voice. There’s no better way to get more done on your PC simply by talking from students to multi-taskers on a daily basis than with Dragon Home version 15.

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Dictating documents Turn your thoughts into high-speed text. Simply speak and the words appear 3x faster on the screen than hand-typing, with accuracy of recognition of up to 99 percent. Command homework assignments, write a blog, complete your to – do lists in Microsoft Word ® with Full-Text Control; submit Microsoft Outlook ® or GmailTM emails.

Internet Explorer ®, Mozilla Firefox ® or Google ChromeTM use your voice to search the Web. Search for recipes, directions, details, etc. Even common multi-step tasks can be combined into direct voice commands with Dragon Voice, regardless of which applications are currently active.

Email and Calendar Maintenance Email friends and family with Microsoft Outlook or Gmail speaking, editing and sending messages. Manage the sports, social commitments and other appointments of your kids with a voice in your calendar.

Stay connected Update your Facebook and Twitter status and access social media without touching the keyboard, talk to your friends and family in a chat instead of typing.

Dragon Professional Individual 15 Dragon Professional Individual, is a smart speech recognition system that allows busy professionals to quickly and accurately track and report, helping you to spend less time reporting on paper. Using the technology of deep learning.

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