Disposable Women Sanitary Menstrual Pants52

February 18, 2021

Product Name:Disposable Women Sanitary Menstrual Pants
Product Description:

1. 360°elastic waist band provide comfort and stretch for your.

2. Panty style: Its design fits the human body, it is convenient and comfortable to wear, and it is hygienic

3. Hot air hydrophilic non woven top sheet

4. Breathable back film

5. In order to prevent side leakage, 3D stereo protection is also designed.

6. Not only is it fully functional, he also has a very sophisticated packaging, suitable for the pursuit of women in contemporary society
Product Website:https://www.bangbykidiaper.com/adult-diapers/femal-sanitary-pants/disposable-women-product-sanitary-pants.html
Company Description
Guangdong Risheng Biotech Co., LTD.
Address:GuangdongGuangdongGuangzhouBaiyun6001, Hujin Plaza A, No.906, Baiyun Dadao North, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China
Descption:Guangdong Risheng Biotech Co. , Ltd. is a company engaged in baby diapers, baby pull-up pants, baby hand-mouth wet wipes, ultra-soft facial cleaning towels tissues, cleansing cotton napkins, women’s sanitary sleeping pants and a series of baby products, from original design, production, sales, branding, marketing and after-sales service, Risheng is one of the giant baby and maternity products manufacturer and trade enterprises in China.
Registered Capital:200
Guangdong Risheng Biotech Co., LTD.
Company Website:http://www.bangbykidiaper.com

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