Difficulties faced by an LED Tron Dancer

January 18, 2020

LED Tron dance is indeed a special dance form that is striking the right balance between dance and light show. It involves dancers who wear specially designed costumes with fitted LED lights. They sway to the rhythm of EDM. As the light goes off, the Tron dancers create a magical atmosphere with their dance moves, blinking LED lights and mesmerising music. LED Tron dance is a recent addition to the history of dance. There are several Tron dance company India who are coming up every day with exciting concepts.


However, LED Tron dance is not a cakewalk. It has its own share of difficulties. It is essential to understand the challenges that an LED dance group faces so that one can appreciate their hard work fully. Following are some of the difficulties that a LED dance group faces:


  • Difference between expectation and reality: Tron dancers dance in the darkness. The LED lights highlight their dance moves. It is very easy to expect a particular dance performance to come out well. However, while performing, many mistakes can take place, for instance, a glitch in the LED lights, dance moves not matching to the blinking of LED lights, lack of coordination among the dancers. Hence, the real experience can be far from the expectation. Intense rehearsals and back up plans are necessary to prevent and avoid all such chaos and confusion at the last moment.



  • Timing: It is the dream of every LED dance group to deliver a spectacular dance show. Creating the “WOW” factor is not as easy as it seems. Many factors are there that decide whether a particular dance performance was worth it or not. One such key element is timing. If the timing is correct, then half the battle is won. It is exceptionally significant to match the moves to the time of the blinking of LED lights. Also, the LED lights need to match up with the background EDM music. Hence, timing is crucial for the successful delivery of LED Tron dance performance.
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