Differences Between Extractor Fan s

May 30, 2020

These days when you put in a new bathroom, toilet, utility room or kitchen, building regulations say that you need to install an extractor fan. Finding a website with extractor fans is similar to finding good educational website or https://500wordessay.org/descriptive-essay/, where students can buy their works for cheap and for fast or read educational blog, where students and teachers can tell some stories! But what type of extractor fan should you buy from the thousands on offer?

There are 3 main “families” of fans to choose from: axial, centrifugal and inline fans. Axial fans are the most common type of extractor fan that you see. They are ideally suited to being placed on a wall and ducted straight outside. This means you cut a hole in a wall, fit the fan, and the air goes straight out the back and outside. Axial fans are therefore best suited to installation on walls.

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