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October 7, 2020

Find here the Top 3 Diabetologist in Chennai online at drmohans.com & Book an appointment with a top diabetes specialist or diabetic care Doctor for a diabetic treatment at the best fees. Get Online Consultation.


Who We Are?

Our Top 3 Diabetologist in Chennai will diagnose and treats metabolic diseases with advanced diabetic care technologies. Our Diabetes Care Doctor knows that Diabetes, or diabetes mellitus, is a metabolic disease of the human body caused because of inadequate insulin production and results generally in a high blood sugar level in the body, and they curated the best diabetes treatment for you. Call Now!


Why Choose Dr.Mohans diabetes specialist?

Top-notch Facilities:

⦁          Get Treatment of childhood diabetes, gestational diabetes, and Type 1 & Type 2.

⦁          We do Comprehensive management of diabetes mellitus.

⦁          Get Assessment of diabetic care complications.

⦁          Get Diabetes diet and nutrition planning.

⦁          We specialize in Stress management counseling.

⦁          Best Facilities for glucose assessment and control.


Expert Diabetes specialist at Dr. Mohan Hospital provides you complete treatments, diabetic care doctors, and services for the diabetic-related disease. Get a doctor’s schedule, fees, user ratings, reviews, Address, and Phone Numbers in one place.


Diabetic Treatment Offered:

Precision Diabetes, Diabetic Neuropathy Screening, Diabetic Retinopathy Screening & Thyroid Disorders, Type 1 Diabetes & Type 2 Diabetes Treatment, Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes Diet, Kidney Care, Diabetes Physiotherapy, Diabetic Foot Surgery, etc.,


Other Treatment Includes –

Weight Loss, Stress Management, Insulin Management, Hypoglycemia, Eye Care, Foot Care, Cardiac Care, Orthopedic Care, Surgeries, Dental Care, Pregnancy, Fitness, Home Care, Obesity Centre, Insurance & Corporate Services, etc.,

Call us for the best Diabetes Care Doctor. Genuine Treatment. 24/7 Support.


More Details:

Call to discuss: Phone: 07825888631, 044 43968888

Book an Appointment: https://drmohans.com/book-an-appointment/new/

Website: https://drmohans.com/

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