Development Of Smartphone Application: Impacts On Logistics And Transportation Industry

January 13, 2020

Advancements in technology have effectively changed the way we interact with machines. These advancements have successfully upgraded us from desktop websites to mobile apps. Due to this transformation, the importance of smartphones in our daily lives is only meant to be growing in the coming times.

With the continuous advancements in technology, smartphones are no longer just a communication device as they used to be. It has become an inseparable part of our daily routine with its interactive technology medium. Mobile phones with their advanced features and technologies have turned into an easily accessible source of information and services for individual users as well as businesses.

How Technology Is Changing the Face Of Transportation Industry In And Around The World

Humans have always found new and easy ways to travel the globe and move to new locations. The transport industry has undergone a digital transformation with consistent technological advancements. This change has shifted us from bullock carts to the super-cars and bikes, manual canoes to submarines. With this evolution in technology, the upcoming trend and advancement are yet unpredictable.

Businesses empowered with the latest technologies in the market are able to personalize their services with high accuracy. The growth in  IoT, data analytics, AI, Additive Layer Manufacturing, and electric-mobility, etc. are making a significant transformation in the industry. Technology is effectively impacting the way we use transport and logistics system. The major focus is on providing passengers with faster and cheaper services. The functionalities route planning, real-time tracking, online booking, advance bookings, and payments have enhanced the overall user experience. It has also improved the present transport infrastructure.

These technologies are developed precisely with a customer-centric approach. The advanced features in smartphone applications for transportation are designed to serve customer needs. Right from self-driving cars to autonomous flying drones, from high-speed bullet train network to Hyperloops, from jets to space shuttles, technology is advancing consistently. The latest features like automatic braking system, built-in Bluetooth features, automatic parking, rear and front cameras for easy parking are adopted widely for providing better convenience.

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