Decision Making Skills Training Course

May 17, 2020

Decision making skills training course aims to raise delegates’ awareness regarding decision making process, techniques and tools and teaches them how to use each tool in different situations. Decision making is a skill and to become better at it, you must simply practice over and over  again. When making decisions, the biggest problem people experience is getting stuck and not knowing what to do. This usually happens either due to lack of research and data or because of looking only at a narrow part of a search space. Both of these issues can be addressed using a set of decision making tools. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of these systematic tools and tend to rely on intuition instead to make decisions. This approach often leads to sub-optimal results.

Since the delegates can practice the technique during the course under the tutor’s observation, they have a better chance of learning the techniques correctly and use them efficiently and immediately after the training.

The course also focuses on decision making & problem solving principles discovered in a number of critical fields such as game theory and economics. A knowledge of the logic of decision making helps to deepen the understanding of decision making as a whole.

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