Data Science With Python in 2021

December 4, 2020

As you will progress in data science with python certification training program, you will get to know the below things

  • Statistics for data science
  • Basic data cleaning techniques for model building
  • Converting your raw data into a machine consumable format
  • Working principle of machine learning models and their applicability
  • Understanding the parameters required for checking model accuracy
  • Deploying the model to make it available as a service
  • Maintaining the model over a period of time

With respect to the above steps, you will also learn how to use data science specific libraries in Python eg. Frequently used libraries in data cleaning like NumPy, pandas, spicy, groupby, merge; data plotting libraries like matplotlib, seaborn; machine learning-based modules available inside scikit learn for building various regression and classification based algorithms, libraries to check model accuracy like confusion matrix, MSE, RMSE, Natural Language-based libraries like NLTK, genism, VADER. These will help learners with applied data science with python

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