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January 4, 2021

One of the most common geomembrane applications is as a pond or dam liner. Pond liners may be used where:

  • The subgrade that is to receive the dam liner require careful preparation.
  • The subgrade materials are dispersive and this interferes with the end use of the water.
  • Liquids other than pure water are stored and it is required to minimise the escape of the contained liquid. An example of this is sewerage effluent where the entry of small amounts of pollution to subterranean water supplies may have health implications for downstream users.
  • It is required to minimise erosion on the pond embankments. Erosion may be caused by the impact of rain or by the effect of aeration or mixing equipment within the pond. An example of this is the use of lining systems on prawn grow out pond embankments to minimise the entry of suspended sediments into the pond and the associated increased risk of disease and crop loss.

For more information regarding the use of geomembrane applications for pond lining.

Dam Liners Material
The type and thickness of material in dam liners varies. The main determinants of the type of material to be used are:

  • size of the dam or pond
  • exposure to UV
  • required dam liner life
  • preparation and nature of the base of the dam
  • available budget for the dam liners

Liquids that are contained may be drinking water, industrial process waste such as dunder or mine washings, sewerage or molasses.

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