Custom Specialized Software (Adova Soft)

February 19, 2021
Custom Specialized Software

Features of our custom specialized software:
• No chance of data loss since data is stored in remote server
• Multiple User support with 3 layer security protocol
• Data recording, organizing, viewing, editing and printing
• Automatic Daily and Datewise Report Generation
• Dynamic Searching of any data stored in the Database
• Completely Dynamic and Absolutely Secure Database
• Global Roaming or
• Proper backup facilities ensuring secure and quick server shifting if necessary
• Attractive and user friendly interface
• Unique themes for interface panel
• Dynamic and fast loading applications
• Energy saving and eye friendly interface
• 24 Hour online technical support
• 1 years free maintenance
• 6 months minor customization
• 5 day free training for operators

Custom Specialized Software – Packages – ADOVA SOFT

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