Cultural Points to Consider for International Web Marketing

January 13, 2021

Cultural Points to Consider for International Web Marketing

A few posts ago we touched on points to consider when using the web to promote your business in other countries.

Well, since internet marketing is the obvious choice for the international brand, we thought we should delve a little deeper into the nuances of international SEO services. There are, of course, many cultural factors that affect how, when and why people buy products and interact with the web.

There are too many to mention, in fact. We would always advocate further research into your countries of choice, but here are a few important points to consider for any international campaign. The following are amongst the most useful, pertinent points because they affect how people search the web.

1. Language, Dialect and Alphabet

Different languages, even different dialects, signal other cultural differences. These will inevitably affect the way people search. Different alphabets give rise to multiple spelling issues and opportunities.

2. Wealth

An important point to consider. An enormous population can seem like a fantastic marketing opportunity. Perhaps much of the population of India or China is searching on your keywords, but what is it you’re trying to sell? Consider the affordability of your products to these nations.

3. Fashion and Clothing

It is obvious to say that fashion varies from one culture to another, but so can the resulting search terms. As most of us already know, a purse in the UK is something to keep change in, while a purse in the USA is a handbag. There are many these cultural variations, some more obscure than others.

4. Significance of Colour

Colours can have immense cultural significance, which should absolutely be researched and considered when entering a new market. Baby clothes may be ‘blue for boys and pink for girls’ here, but is that the same everywhere, for example.

5. Travel Methods

How do the people in the area you are targeting get around? Do they drive, walk, cycle, take the train? This will effect the products they require but also on when and how they can get online.

6. The Male/Female Relationship

Knowing who buys the products is of vital importance. Who makes the buying decisions? What influences them? Knowledge of domestic relationships within a culture can help you pitch your marketing correctly.

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