App Clone ready to launch now

September 8, 2020

App Clone with high security and cutting edge features to build your own exchange rapidly. is one of the most popular platforms with global users from over 30 countries. The exchange allows to trade with Bitcoins and other altcoins like Ripple coin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. The platform has a fast and user-friendly interface to trade cryptocurrencies at ease. It provides very high liquidity and seamless investment with the acceptance of credit cards, debit card, bank transfer, etc. Our experienced developers provide round the clock support to bring out the completely furnished platform to widen up your business.

The platform allows to the user to buy cryptocurrencies only after the user links his debit, credit card or a bank account. When using the bank account the limits of the trade increase exceedingly but its takes few business days depending on the bank for the sale to be reflected in the bank account. In case of credit and debit cards, the limits are less comparatively. The user can directly buy cryptocurrencies by transferring funds to the exchange from the bank accounts. In this method the wallets reflects the fill up instantly. Users can also transfer their coins to the PayPal account to convert it to local currency instantly.

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