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May 13, 2020

Chip In Faith endows you to raise money for anything that matters to you. Right from personal causes to social causes to dream projects and many more. We are here to help people from across the world to fundraise on our platform.

We are an online crowdfunding platform – very user-friendly, Chip In Faith Foundation is dedicated towards making the lives of its campaigners, visitors and donors from the globe happy. Our services would range from assisting a campaign raiser to start a fundraising campaign to achieving their goal.

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We have a strong belief that every human has equal rights to contribute and make a progressive effect to its surrounds. We at Chip In Faith work towards all your special needs, be it fulfilling a dream or helping someone with medical condition. Our platform can be used to raise funds for healthcare, empowering women, education, disaster relief, rural projects and a lot more. Our core team members are passionate entrepreneurs who excel in developing person-to-person giving. We also cater to various challenges of donation with regards to the issues faced while anticipating the correct cases and also trust issues. We are focussing on becoming one of India’s most trusted and liked platforms for raising funds for any true cause.

Our core focus relies on empowering Women, we aim to create and ecosystem which lets every women of India irrespective of their past, to rebuild and redefine their lives the way they wish to be. Though this may feel quite idealistic, however Chip In Faith genuinely believes that if we all come together, we can empower women to grow and live a life they dreamt of. Most women in India have restricted freedom wherein most of the times they are made to feel incapable and are imposed with multiple restrictions. Often they are even punished for the choices they make. These dominating instances generally bud from lack of empathy and respect. For a matter of fact it is Chip In Faith’s belief in women’s rights which forces us to take charge. Our women are going a lot – acid attack, domestic violence is surging by the day. These women need a shoulder to rely on – the one who can help them face such atrocious hurdles and emerge much stronger.

Across the world, India ranks 125 on the UN Gender Inequality Index (2015) and this is mainly attributed towards the surging violence against women. Time and again women has constantly displayed extreme reserves of strength while facing challenges. Chip In Faith is that friend who will stand by their side and help: (a) Craft Targeted Awareness Campaigns, (b) Build Multi-Disciplinary Partnerships and (c) Conduct Comprehensive Research.

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