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May 19, 2020

In the application of concrete, sodium gluconate is mainly used as a retarder and water reducing agent to delay the hydration reaction of cement and extend the setting time of concrete. Its water-reducing, plasticizing, and retarding effects are very significant, which can greatly improve the workability of concrete, reduce slump loss, and improve the later strength of concrete. As a retarder, it can extend the initial setting time from several hours to several no loss of strength.

Industrial grade sodium gluconate has a significant retarding effect on concrete. With the ratio of water to glue, and the increase of the sodium gluconate content, the setting time of the concrete, both the initial setting time and the final setting time, will be prolonged, and when the sodium gluconate content exceeds the appropriate content, the serious slowdown will occur condensation.

Chloride ions in the external environment invade the concrete in different ways, resulting in corrosion of the steel bars and premature damage to the concrete structure, and loss of durability, which seriously affects its service life. Chloride ion is a major culprit in the rust damage of reinforced concrete. Therefore, the key to concrete’s rust and corrosion resistance is the resistance of concrete to chloride ion penetration.

Therefore, if sodium gluconate can be used as an effective rust inhibitor, it should first increase the electrical resistance of the concrete and have a good hindering effect on the penetration of chloride ions. For most corrosion inhibitors, as the temperature increases, the corrosion inhibition rate decreases. However, the relationship between the inhibition rate of sodium gluconate and the temperature is reversed. Not only does the inhibition rate not decrease with increasing temperature, but within a certain temperature range, the inhibition rate increases with increasing temperature.

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