Characteristics of the DOT NET Platform

November 18, 2019

The DOT NET is the open-source platform.

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Most of the great demand for the DOT NET domain for the future world.

Common Language Runtime:-

Explains the features and benefits of the runtime of the common language, a runtime environment that manages software execution and provides services that simplify the process of development.


Defines the idea of assemblies that are forms and resource sets that form logical functionality units. Assemblies are the basic units for distribution, version control, scoping for activation and permissions for protection.

Application Domains:-

Explains how to use application domains to ensure the apps are separated.

Runtime Hosts:-

Describes runtime hosts and shell executables supported by the .NET Framework, including ASP.NET Internet Explorer.

Generic Type System:-

Identifies the styles that the common language runtime supports.

Metadata and Self-Description Components:-

Explains how the .NET Course Framework simplifies the interoperation of components by enabling compilers to emit additional declarative information or metadata into all modules and assemblies.

Cross-Language Interoperability:-

Explains how controlled entities can interact with each other in different programming languages.

.NET Framework Security:-

Describes protections against unauthorized software and unauthorized users to secure resources and data.

.NET Framework Class Library:-

Introduces the .NET Framework class library which speeds up and optimizes the development process and gives you access to framework features.

Certification of DOT NET:

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