Cellular Memory and The Fourth Eye Becoming One

May 19, 2020

Much of the work in New Age circles focuses on the wonders of out-of-body experience. Near death experiences, prayer, meditation, astral travel, shamanic voyages, and myriad other forms of psychic development have found their way into the mainstream. What many teachers and students overlook is the direct connection between out-of-body experience and information stored in our cellular memory. It is through this connection that we integrate cosmic knowledge with our human experience.

Memories of pivotal experiences in our lives manifest as conscious or unconscious symptoms, and are recovered as we are ready to heal them. These are the issues in the tissues. I have learned over a lifetime that whenever a physical symptom fails to respond to methods that focus only on alleviating the present pain or discomfort, it is time to look for the memory that has attracted the dis-ease. It is essential to understand that what manifests as an impairment in the present originates from an attempt to protect us. There are many circumstances which for whatever reason we are unable to resolve at the time of occurrence. In my case, chronic problems with a particular tooth related to repressed memory or childhood sexual abuse; mysterious markings on my skin were unconscious memory of other-worldly interference. One of my clients was able to avert surgery on what appeared to be an old sports injury after recovery of the past life incident that had attracted the injuries in this lifetime. Recovery of cellular memory is the key to transformational holistic healing.

How is the fourth eye different from the third eye? The third eye opens us to the etheric realms, through which we access intuition, inspiration and other guidance from the astral realms. The third eye lets us choose whether or not to follow our deepest knowing. The fourth eye, the eye of the aura, is the eye of the astral realms, source of the guidance. From the fourth eye the music or our lives flows seamlessly, embracing all aspects of life without separation, without judgment, beyond polarities.


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