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January 15, 2020

Can carpool work in India?

Working great but only for daily office commute.

EcoRider Carpool app is specially designed for daily office commute between two co-workers.

How it works?

For e.g. two employee’s named Shivam & Karan, works in companies in same building and also they lives in same area and leave to office at 10am. Now one Shivam goes via car and Karan takes cab-pooling at high price with long waiting route. Why not both can join & give friendly company to each other. Hurry! EcoRider connects these two employee’s with hassle-free commute to office.

I have tried it. Its experience for both co-workers, one car-owner and ride taker is super awesome. Specially they fix 2 major problem, time sync-up and location sync-up. They solve these 2 issue perfectly.

There location matching algorithm is pentant & awesome and connects genuine matches.

They have intelligence in app to auto-create rides and connect with regular riders.

Currently, they testing there app in gurgaon. Rides @4.5 Rs/km with Zero commission via paytm.

They also raising fund from matrix-partner as well.

I have received whatsapp message from them. That’s how i installed the app.

Whatsapp message that i received

“An initiative towards saving environment, reducing traffic and pollution. Actually they connects co-workers living nearby for making their daily office commute hassle-free & affordable. EcoRider carpool app have good features to give quality ride sharing experience to employee’s.

EcoRider Carpool – Best carpooling app in gurgaon & delhi for office ride sharing

EcoRider Carpool

I found it really impressive initiative to reduce number of cars at peak time. So, though its worth sharing in this group . Lets help them by spreading this message”

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