Can tableau be used as a reporting tool?

January 2, 2021

Can tableau be used as a reporting tool?

Yes it can. Perhaps 5 years ago now I delivered a project to replace Business Objects with Tableau for an investment bank front office.

Tableau is a very efficient tool to use as the same dashboard can be used my multiple (1000s in some cases) users and with embedded permissions what each user sees will differ. For example if you’re only allowed to see Apples when you open the dashboard you’ll see only Apples. If your colleague can only see Oranges they will only see Oranges when opening the dashboard.

From a maintenance perspective this is great. No need to create filters reports for different users. The number of dashboards to “look after” (changes are often requested) is minimal, meaning only a small number of developers are needed.

Tableau can also distribute the dashboards on schedule by email using Subscriptions.

With smart use of subscriptions it can alert users when there is an issue.

It’s simple to download to different formats, including PDF.

Embedding in 3rd party software is also very simple as it’s URL driven.

Using Tableau data extracts the underlying data is simple to set up to update on a schedule. Obviously it’s also possible to connect to a live data source, however that can lead to performance issues depending on the data source type.

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