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January 13, 2021

What is Soma?
Soma is an effective medication that relieves pain by preventing pain signals from traveling between the nerve and the brain, reducing pain and discomfort because of this effect; doctors also prescribe Soma for anxiety.
You can buy Soma medication online as a brand or the generic version known as Carisoprodol; the difference between them is that the generic version is usually less costly than the brand version. Sometimes not all of the dosage strength may be available.Use this medicine for the short-term for three weeks or less, do not increase the dosage strength or use it longer than needed. Your doctor will tell your doses based on your age, response to treatment, and health condition.
Soma 350mg or 250mg dosage strength pills are accessible for oral  implementation, take this medicine as prescribed by the doctor, and consume this medicine in the gapping of 4-6 hours.
Soma effects begin to occur within 30 minutes after the consumption, and its effects last for about 4-5 hours.
Do not crush or chew the Soma pills; swallow the tablets with water.
A sudden stop of this medicine can cause withdrawal effects (such as nausea, stomach ache, and headache). To prevent Soma withdrawal symptoms, you should slowly reduce the medicine usage over time.

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