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January 6, 2021

A personal lubricant / sexual lubricant or commonly known as lube is a substance used between two moving surfaces to reduce friction. It is used in sexual activity to increase intimacy and to make a sexual act more comfortable and pleasurable.

These lubes are not only used for vaginal intercourse, but also anal sex, masturbation, and with Cheap Dildos for better personal pleasure. There are thicker types of lubes for anal sex since it doesn’t produce natural lubricant. Sex toys that are greased with these special substances will work amazingly for you, but you need to choose the correct lubricants to use on the material of your sex toys. Otherwise it may damage your sex toys. Buy Huge Dildos for Sale and get a free gift – lubricants, DVD’s and other enhancers for a satisfying experience

The components used to make these lubes vary and are based upon their intended use. There are different kinds of products out there and many of those can be divided in three categories – Water-based, Oil-based and Silicone-based. It is good to know the difference so you would know what to get as your personal lubricant.


Water-based lubricants are the most popular and less expensive. Most of them work with latex and silicone, which means you can use this type of lube with almost any vibrators, dildos, masturbators, Celebrity Dildos and it will not spoil latex condoms as well. They may be scented, flavored and warming and you can also get them in thin-like gel to thick-like gel. The advantage of these products is that they’re water soluble so it’s easier to wash, non-staining and condom compatible.

These Fucking Machines for Sale are less irritating to the body; however, they are likely to dry quickly during use. They often contain ingredients that slow down the aeration process and if they do dry, their usefulness can be easily restored with the addition of a little water.

On the contrary, silicone-based lubricants stain sheets / clothes and are not compatible with Fake Boobs Sex Toy as it may soften the plastic, but it can be used on latex and rubber and other numerous products available for any sexual activity you may envision and desire.

Most products come with additives that increase their effectiveness. There are creams that come in various consistencies, flavors and scents and Huge Butt Plugs for Sale provides these different lubes. Some are warming lubricants and those with sensitizers to improve and widen sexual experience.

Please be advised to test them first on your inner arm and thighs before you use it on delicate parts of the body so as to know if you’re allergic or not.

You can get these cool and funky lubricants in any Adult Sex Toy Store.

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