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February 16, 2020

ReduStim is a medical device based on BioStimology, a low-frequency alternating BioMagnetic field is entirely harmless and does not cause any adverse effects on the body. With over 20 years of clinic studies, this painless action is based on the muscular stimulation without causing any destructive cellular process.

ReduStim is the Effective Device for Lossing the Weight in UAE

ReduStim is the best device for Lossing abdominal fat in UAE. It takes the form of a device linked to a bodysuit that covers the body, from feet up to the abdomen. It works by inducing natural lipolysis and reduce visceral fat that cannot be lost with just exercise and a proper diet. The technology uses a low-frequency alternating BioEnergetic field, which stimulates calcium pump. Calcium channels are found in muscle cells, even in smooth muscle.

Devices used by ReduStim at UAE

Redustim Drainage-Protocol

ReduStim drainage protocol is used for the treatment Of abdominal obesity. It is a slimming device suggested for the people having persuasive obesity and face difficulty to produce a physical effort. The combined micro-pressure allows the drainage of the whole body. From there is an average loss of 6 cm in the waist circumference, and reduction in waist measurement 7 cm, the visceral fat is reduced by 8,2%, and also the subcutaneous fat by 4%.

 Redustim Sport Dynamic-Protocol

ReduStim SPort dynamic protocol is a device that is used for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases by the reduction of visceral fat. This device encourages the prevention of cardiovascular risks in the decrease of the waist circumference, a significant risk factor of metabolic syndrome. From this, there is an average loss by 6 cm of waist circumference.

Redustim Sport Static-Protocol

ReduStim SPort static protocol is a medical device for the reduction of health risks related to excess in abdominal fat. This device specially designed for people with reduced mobility. It allows a decrease in body fat excesses, it decreases the subcutaneous fat by 4% and visceral fat by 8%, and the reduction of waist measurement is 7 cm.

Redustim Infertility-Protocol

ReduStim infertility protocol is a device that increases the success rates of IVF in patients with a BMI>30. The average pregnancy rate observed using both ReduStim and IVF is 56%, and the average pregnancy rate observed with alone IVF is less than 25%.


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