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May 16, 2020

Poly Aluminum Chloride in Water Treatment

Because of its good ability, PAC has been used in many different fields. After knowing the usage of PAC, we should learn something about how to purchase the right type of poly aluminum chloride.

Sludge is the inevitable product of urban wastewater treatment. First, we should learn something about the source, nature, ingredient, and solid content. According to the main content in sludge, the sludge can be divided into organic sludge and inorganic sludge. Generally speaking, cationic poly aluminum chloride is often used for organic sludge treatment, anion PAC is used for inorganic sludge treatment. It is not suitable to use cationic polyaluminum chloride when the alkalinity is very strong, and it is not suitable to use anionic polyaluminium chloride when the acidity is strong. When the solid content is high, the amount of polyaluminum chloride is usually large.

The size of the floc: too small floc will affect the speed of drainage, too large floc will make the floc bind more water and reduce the degree of mud crackers. By selecting the molecular weight of pam flocculant, the size of the floc can be adjusted.

Ionicity of poly aluminum chloride: For dewatered sludge, the flocculants with different ionicities can be screened through a small trial to select the most suitable poly aluminum chloride, which can achieve the effect of the flocculant The dosage of medicine is reduced, and the cost is saved.

Flocculation strength: The flocculation should be stable and not broken under the action of shear. Increasing the molecular weight of polyaluminum chloride or choosing a suitable molecular structure helps to improve the stability of the floc.

Mixing of polyaluminum chloride and sludge: polyaluminum chloride must fully react with the sludge at a certain position in the dehydration equipment to take effect. For this reason, the viscosity of the polyaluminum chloride solution must be suitable, and it can be fully mixed with the sludge under the existing equipment conditions. Whether the two are mixed evenly is the key factor for success. The viscosity of the polyaluminum chloride solution is related to its molecular weight and formulated concentration.

Dissolution of Polyaluminum Chloride: Only when it is well dissolved can the flocculation effect be fully exerted. Sometimes it is necessary to speed up the dissolution rate, at this time, consider increasing the concentration of the polyaluminum chloride solution.

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