Buy bitdefender internet security-What Features Have Served Me Best

September 11, 2020

Bitdefender Total Security– What Features Have Served Me Best?

Hardened cybercriminals and mischievous youths always look for ways of breaking into our systems and stealing some important information. To prevent these cyber attacks, anti-virus programs can come to our help. However, not every anti-virus system has the potential to fight against the hacking technique. That is why I have made the best efforts to pick the best software, which scores high in my hands-on antimalware tests.

By reviewing performance and high-end features, I have found Bitdefender Total Security Key as the most reliable security suite for my PC. Let me tell you what features of Bitdefender have attracted me most.

Virus protection as a special module

Bitdefender gives me the freedom to choose the way it will scan my system. To deal with its post-infection-detection mechanism, I have set steps by adjusting the custom scan action. However, I may also prevent the software from scanning some selected items.

Prevent online threats

Bitdefender can detect unsafe websites with its innovative technologies. This online threat prevention module has provided me with several options, including Fraud Protection, Scan SSL, Search Advisor, and Phishing Protection.

I have also white-listed a few websites that are safe for my use. However, this white-list feature is also effective for unblocking the blocked sites.

Vulnerability scanning

The detailed scanning process checks out a weak password, Wi-Fi network, and old applications in my system. Additionally, this scan is also useful for updating applications, which have security patches. When I was using Bitdefender Total Security, it informed me about the important Windows updates.

Strong network security

Bitdefender has a special module to prevent suspicious network activities. Moreover, I have found an option for creating rules to control network to Windows applications. The user control level, offered by Bitdefender Total Security, has amazed me.

Makes online transaction safer

The software helps in preventing phishing attempts and keyloggers from affecting the device. Besides, Safepay creates a different browser environment to help you in making transactions safely.

Encrypt important files

I have some corporate files and documents in my PC, and that’s why I need ultimate protection for those files. The File Encryption tool of Bitdefender has given me the best value. To use this feature, I have created a vault to place my files and then encrypt them. Bitdefender has enabled me to make a safe virtual drive. It hides the drive while I lock it.

Another notable feature of the software is OneClick Optimizer that helps me to optimize the performance standard of my device. Overall, I can say that Bitdefender is something more than an internet security system. It has an anti-theft tool, which is useful when someone steals my device. It will be easier for me to access the lost device with my Bitdefender Central account.

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