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December 1, 2020

The British Columbia Seed Company

Welcome to the British Columbia Seed Company. British Columbia has the best cannabis seed breeders in the world because it’s in our blood. We live and breed cannabis because BC has the best climate in the world for seed production, not bud production. The raining humid harvest season often destroy good bud and turn them to a moody nightmare. But seed production is not affected, it thrives in the British Columbia climate. All these pieces bring the best cannabis gene pool directly to you. Please visit our Seed Store and find the perfect strains that are right for you.

About The British Columbia Seed Bank

About the British Columbia Seed Bank. The British Columbia Seed Bank is proud to be run by an honest team of Canadian hippies that excel in Cannabis Genome Sciences.

Famous For Seed Production

British Columbia, Canada is famous for having the best climate in the world for breeding seeds. The weather is good for growing bud, but it has a unique climate where seed production really flourishes. Seeds bred here can be grown usually in all types of climates world-wide. Seeds grown in tropical countries don’t seem to grow well in the harsh and cold climates of Canada. So if you’re living cold Alaskan Climates or Humid Florida, we can offer you what we believe to be the best stable cannabis genetics for your needs.

Deliveries and Orders Shipping on Time No Delays

All orders are shipping out on time and without delays. This appears to be the new normal, everything is under control.

Cannabis is a huge hobby in 2020, so when you see your strains in stock, buy them immediately before they’re sold. We are having a hard time keeping up with demand.

The British Columbia Seed Company Logo Explained.

The British Columbia Seed Company logo couldn’t have a skunk nor a mouse because Vancouver Island doesn’t have either of these animals. A goat would be kinda silly, but actually when I think about it, it would make a good mascot because every time I see a goat while driving down the road, they’re always eating grass. I may have to put more consideration in to this.

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